This is writing about life – I’ve pretty much decided that working, isn’t really working for me, and I’m in semi-retirement. I might one day get something out on Kindle, if I do I’ll linky you up here and with my genius marketing skills (er), I’ll rob my readers, like a dandy highwayman of Kindle and your 79p will be mine; forever. With those ill-gotten earnings, the kids and I will live like Robin Hood and his merry band; in the woods, in poverty.

Bye xx

You are asked to generously over look basic errors in grammar and spelling, should they appear.  It’s not laziness, I’m dyspraxic, so the fact that I’ve managed to get anything coherent down, is miracle enough.

6 Responses to “About me”

  1. Sharada Says:

    Wow, I’ve got the perfect night planned for you. You, dressed in a red and yellow sun costume, Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay playing in the background. Me, dressed in red, telling you embarassing stories and making you laugh. Your babies sound asleep upstairs and an enthusiastic housekeeper serving us Vol Au Vents.
    I was going to decorate your living room as Sri Lanka but perhaps that’s taking things too far. But maybe we could diss The Maldives for a bit if it makes you happy xxx Dolly Fish

  2. clairepotterhome Says:

    I’ve got the best embarrassing story ever. Will tell you..maybe…perhaps…after a few sherries…

  3. mikelowndes Says:

    The sun is a star 8^)

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