High Fives

3 February, 2010

I got tagged by a Anna to share my “high fives”. It doesn’t mean posting pictures of my kids after a pint of cola. It’s a deep meaningful thang. About what inspires me in life……..

1.  My first high five has to be (er, er thinking now) oh yeah, my kids?  That’s right.   Yes, to be totally honest, having 3 young children as a single parent has fulfilled me totally in life.  They have transformed my life and my vision of the future in lots of ways.  Financially, in terms of my freedom, independence, autonomy… to mention a few.

2.  Second on the list of high fives is laughing.  I love this.  It’s totally free and it can happen anywhere you like at any time – even I’ve found it can happen at the most inappropriate times.    I’ve had to find ways to make myself laugh over the years and one of the best ways to pick yourself up from a bit of self indulgent pity is to make yourself laugh till you’re crying.  How to do this exactly?  Easy, three simple steps:

1. Think of your most embarrassing or funny moments and laugh.

2.  Think of other  people’s embarrassing moments and laugh – a lot more.

3.  Carry on repeating steps one and two till your sides hurt.

The other brilliant thing about this method is that you have to regularly ask people for their most embarrassing moments, which means you get to have a great laugh as you go along compiling research material for those low moments.  I’ve pondered on why it is I love embarrassing moments just so much and it’s the vicarious nature of them.  It’s as if you were really there, you share the cringing discomfort of them, but you dont have to own it.  So I guess you’re expecting me to share one with you now, hmm.  One of mine was before I learnt how to a park a car.  I was trying to park my rusty shite ole car in a really posh narrow shopping street in Cheltenham.    I’d envisaged – car parked tidily at side of road.  Eventually, with a lot of effort, I managed to get three of its wheels up on the pavement and found that the front of the car was sticking out blocking the whole pavement, so no one could walk past.  A lot of people had walked around me by this stage and I needed a solution.  So, I decided it was a good time to abandon the car.  So I got out (and instantly felt a lot better) then I went in the nearest pub and asked someone to park it for me.   This was not the brightest move.  I think you can imagine the response from a bunch of Cheltenham rugby blokes, I just stood there, going “oh, excuse me,   er, could anyone help me park my car please?”.  So after a lot of laughing one of the blokes came striding out to help. When he saw my brown Austin Allegro strewn across the pavement, he actually let out a scream.  Then his friends followed him out.  There was little point in him parking in, because as soon as he did, I had to get in and drive away because they were taking the piss so much.

3.  So I think next would be writing.  I love writing and talking is nearly as good, but writing is definitely better in important ways.  I get to say everything I want and no one interrupts.  I can go on and on for ever if I like- this will probably be the case.  Whereas with talking, people tend to roll their eyes or run away etc (I’m sure these things happen to you too).

4.  I love the sky, it’s my favourite thing.  I’ve been looking at it all my life and it still fascinates  and amazes me every day.  It’s the most wonderful art I’ve ever seen.  Last year Laura and I went to see an artist who paints these really wonderful skies.  We drove for miles to get to her house and when we got there, they were shit.  Not like the real sky at all, hers were all static.  What a con.

5.  People.  I like people.  I really do.  (I lurve you all).  Oh I can’t be bothered to go into all the stuff about people I like.  But one of the top things, is that they are full of surprises.  You find out something about them that you can’t believe, or they do the opposite of what you imagined.  They are full of unexpectedness, and that’s what makes them so interesting.

There are other things I could have included, but these 5 are the things that make me smile in life.  The deeper stuff keeps me going too, but in a different way.

love and good lives to y’all.

PS.  If you want to share a little embarrassing story of your own on here, please feel free.


Here's one I didn't park

4 Responses to “High Fives”

  1. well, there’s the one where I peed myself on an open air tourist tarin when I was 18. 18!! I never did it as a child so I suppose it was a right pf passage I jsut had to get through. It was hideously embarrassing. I’d drunk loads of water walking up this mountain in Pau, France and got on the scenic, very, very s-l-o-w train baock down the mountain.

    I even considered jumping off onto the steep, bare slopes to save face but no – there was no escape and I had to pee myself whilst sitting next to a stranger. I warned her, I aimed at the floor, weed through my shorts and as soon as I disembarked I ran to the ladies to soak my shorts so they were a uniform dampness, hoping no one else would notice. Luckily they didn’t, although I had to sit in wet shorts on a coachload of other teenagers on the way back. I was so scared I’d be rumbled…

  2. Hari Says:

    Omg, I can’t believe you posted that. Shame you’ve had your wedding and it can’t be included in a maid of honour’s speech. Anyway, I’m sure we can find a suitable occasion to bring it up – or maybe an unsuitable occasion.


  3. Rebecca Says:

    I take it that the Dr Locum story keeps you going? X

  4. Hari Says:

    Ahh, yes, wonderful man the good ole Dr. xx

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