The Sound of Silence

17 June, 2013

We welcomed the four directions into the room.  She told us that she’d checked the compass points earlier and apparently due North was actually facing the corner, which she didn’t like.  So, instead we invited an “imagined” North, (technically NNE) into the room.  Then we turned to the East, (but it wasn’t the East) and the almost South and the not quite West and invited them in too.  We breathed in the Divine Goddess Mother and reached up to welcome Father Sky, finished it off with a few hand mudras, then low-and-behold, the writing workshop was open.

I’d signed up to discover my “Authentic Writer’s Voice”, which obviously isn’t the sneery, cynical voice of my blog.  No, it’s the caring, loving voice of my nice selfy-helpy books; yep, the voice I’ve never heard.  So, I came to a workshop to educate myself about writing from “within”. What I’d imaged was the safety of writer commoradarie, where I could “expose” my work (not myself) and we would laugh and grimace together at our inability to express our oh-so obvious talents.  I’d  improve and hone my writing style, I’d have “shifts” and I’d return home to write like I’ve never written before (on consecutive days).  Producing a work of beautiful selfy-helpiness, born from the grit of my stubby fingers.

But back to so-called reality.  The next exercise was to listen to “the sound of silence”.  If she’s playing Simon and Garfunkel, then I’m outta here, I promised myself.  Instead, we sat quietly listening to the sound of the noisy traffic through the open window.  I don’t know where everyone else came from, but it must have been very remote, because they all thought it was amazing.  Then she explained the importance of finding the silence beneath the noise. Then she told us the benefits of silence.  She proceeded to talk about the different aspects of silence in detail, there were ten of them.  She waxed lyrical about her personal love of silence.  And she advised us on the various ways we could incorporate silence into our writing.  I listened, in silence, for a couple of hours.  Then we balanced our Ying and Yang, aligned ourselves with the Universe and had a break.

The afternoon found us breathing through our resistance and oh-my-god (and goddess) doing a short writing exercise.  We had to imagine we had a super-power and to write, where/how/when and what we got from it.  No-one wrote about being the USA, China or USSR in the 70s, which basically proves that as a group we were now “at one”.   (I’ll stick my power in at the bottom of the post, just in case you’re interested).  Sadly, because she’d had so much to tell us we were running a bit late, so she suggested we experience  silence by not talking in our coffee break.  The final writing exercise was a guided visualization, during which I and another woman fell asleep.  Then we picked up our biros and wrote from that “deep place” within us.  (Except us two, who had to wake up and write from a not-quite-so-deep place).

The result? You’ll never guess what, I did start writing from a different place.  I approached the book in a new more visual way.  Perhaps, I didn’t find that actual  voice, but I felt the breadth of different possibilities that could open up with this project.  It now seemed that there were a myriad of ways I could approach it, instead of feeling stuck on a narrow and boring path, as I’d felt before.  I’d had a “shift” and so had everyone else in the group.  There was an excitement in the room as we shared what had happened to our writing, blocks were removed, pages filled, problems ignored.  We’d all just sat and written and actually found the inner place that our inspiration came from.

Something had changed – I think it was my hair and clothes.

The next day, I sat down to write and strangely, I made it a priority over checking my Facebook.  I breathed deeply, didn’t invite the Divine Mother and Father to join me, then sat still and silent  (miracle or what?).   I waited quietly to hear that small inner voice of an idea, whether it came or not, I just waited.  Oh, and I can’t quite believe it, but I’ve actually started writing on consecutive days.


My Super Power

I have always had the ability to talk backwards.  I have found purpose and meaning through my “gift”.  I have used it to travel within myself, to go beyond the limits of the superficial communications of ordinary lives.


I have travelled and traversed a lonely world, to the rich lands of a deep inner peace.  Where I found harmony with god and others, like me, who the world did not understand.

(Yep, it’s deep man, deep)

7 Responses to “The Sound of Silence”

  1. The Earth Mother in me, amid great gales of loud laughter, is reblogging you!

  2. Reblogged this on That elusive pair of jeans and commented:
    Given that I currently have a high fever, I thought I would take my freshly-showered self off for a mid-afternoon relaxation and meditation session. So, I read “The Sound of Silence”.
    Now, I am off to laugh about it all over again, relax, and meditate!

  3. Hari Says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging me, hope the fever goes down soon xxxx

  4. gaurangi Says:

    fab.. so funny.. and utterly hysterical

  5. Sharada Says:

    I prefer sneery and cynical.

  6. jashapurna Says:

    That silence learning reminded me of a time a walked out from a Self help group as the tutor instructed us to send our love out to the world and next thing he came up with an inflatable globe for us to kiss and love… Jeezus!

  7. Glad you kept your original voice, I like it.
    I may be glad for the consecutive, days too. : )
    You get the story part of storyteling. I like it when I get got by the story, like a wave that takes me. Your voice does it to me.
    Nice to meet a new voice I like.
    Allison Wright has good taste.

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