A Rough Guide to Life

28 December, 2021

End of Year Special; Selfie-helpie Edition

I have written a “brief” guide to life for y’all.  This brevity is based on my utter intolerance of selfie-helpie books, all of whom have one magical and useful sentence, wrapped in a covering of about 10 chapters – for the benefit of publishers and book cover designers who have mortgages to pay.  The rest of the 99.9% of any selfie-helpie book is useless padding, unless you own a wood burner and need kindling.

Recently, I was watching a nauseating social media family on Youtube, indiscript in their “pranks” and “fun life”, I have absolutely no idea who they were.  But I do remember their tag-line, “Winning at life”.  Which I felt reflected their channel more than they realised. Just a lie, a mis-truth sold to a criticaclly unthinking audience. Do you really win at life, when death is 100% certain?

So below is a rough-guide to being Alive.  Based on a conversation with someone lovely, who thought my approach to life (ie start at death) was unusual.  I hadn’t noticed, but I do notice the world works backwards and that bemuses me.

As our souls hurtle through space and time, I send you this informative 10 point summary guide to life, my End-of-Year gift.

Happy 2022

Hari xx

A Rough Guide to Life

  1. Work out why you exist.

Sounds simple, but it can take some years to figure this out.  Remember the old saying:  there’s only two ways out of an existential crisis, you either go mad, or get religion.  Expect your family and friends not to understand this phase, don’t worry, they’ll come back when you return to sanity (religion they may not tolerate as easily)……..

You can move onto step 2, before step 1 is completed. 

2.  Have a wander around the planet.  Take a look at how others do things, what they prioritise and decide what’s important to you.

3.  Ensure that step 1 is fully resolved ,before hurtling down this toboggan run of enlightenment.

4.  Decide how you want to live.  Base this on what’s fundamentally important to you.

5.  Work towards a career in something you’re good at, otherwise you will not be happy.  It doesn’t have to light-up world, or save it.  Do something you can do well and you will build a sense of self worth and achievement. 

6.  Build a life, find a niche in the world and put in some years.  Be it a family, a place, a hobby or a career.  Build.   Family these days can often be our close friends.  With the dismantling of the extended family network, the people we rely on are not necessarily our flesh and blood.

7.  If you are not happy, look at where you feel trapped or stuck and put focussed effort into changing that aspect of your life.  Happiness will follow.

8.  Decide how much money is “enough” for you?  How much do you need to accumulate to feel safe, or secure?  How much do you need to enjoy things?  What level of comfort do you require?  If you earn beyond that, then you are rich.

9.  Semi-retire, don’t give up.

11. Stop reading lists that have 10 points.  How would something important conveniently fit into ten points?

12. That’s it.

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