Fan Fiction; 50 Shades an all that

20 November, 2012

I’ve been caught in an alternative world recently.   I have to admit feeling a bit scummy, like I’ve been up all night playing Dungeons and Dragons with little cast iron figures I love, that cost hundreds of pounds.  But that’s not what I’ve been doing at all.  I’ve been discovering “Fan Fiction”.

Fan Fiction is an alternative world which I first heard about with the whole 50 Shades explosion.  I did try to read 50 Shades, especially when I found out how much money she’d made from her spanking little book.  One of my friends from playgroup recommended it.  She said she’d  “lost days of her life” reading it  and was “bereft when it ended”.  So I thought I’d give it go.

“Mills and Boon with butt plugs”, someone famously described it and they were right. I’ve got nothing against it, but nothing much for it either.  I didn’t fancy him or like her, I’m totally fine with them having kinky sex together, I just didn’t want to sit around reading about it, or hang out with them at all.  I got about 2/3s of the way through, then it sat in the “unfinished books” graveyard next to my bed. I found this article about a hotelier who removed the Gideon Bibles from the bedside drawers and replaced them with 50 Shades instead.  Having read both books,  I have to say, one of them has a lot of sex and violence and should not be left lying around where children might find it and read it.  The other is just really boring and will certainly put you to sleep.   I therefore recommend that the Bible gets one of those warning stickers on the front, like on Eminem’s cds.

So, back to Fan Fiction.  I’ve been writing a James Bond story online.  I’ve been having a great time doing it (instead of writing the selfy-helpy book I’m supposed to be slaving away at).  Bond is just so much more fun.  Fan Fiction is full to the brim of mediocre writing (yes, I’m among friends).   Basically people who write themselves into their fantasy stories and make themselves the heroine etc etc ad nauseum.  Mine isn’t.  I’ve written my best mate into mine and not told her about it.  Oh, and she’s obviously not going to be a heroine either.   She’s been awfully supportive though and got books out of the library to help me in my research and stuff during her lunch hour.  Bless her.

The link is here if you want to read it (it’s short) but you have to click to the next chapter at the bottom of the page, it only shows one at a time.  I’m updating it quite frequently, so if you “follow” it, you get an email every time I post a new bit – which lets you know I didn’t do any real work today.

Oh happy day  xx

Fanfiction:  The Spider Spins Within

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